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"Wake Up with Dr. Stephen Wechsler"


Welcome to "Wake Up with Dr. Stephen Wechsler "!

A weekly radio program hosted by Dr. Stephen Wechsler of Network Chiropractic. Also guest co-host of "Nutritional Insights".

Every Saturday morning at 6-8 AM Eastern Time, he talks with folks about lifestyle and wellness. He provides information and answers to questions on the subjects of life's issues. Individuals can call his show and ask questions. Guests appear weekly.

News Radio AM 570 WSYR carries the program in the Syracuse region of New York State.

This educational and insightful program is broadcast over RealPlayer on www.broadcast.com

You need the free RealPlayer to listen!

Dr. Steve has a lively and entertaining show! He enthusiastically informs us about our life, which is so important to everyday health and wellbeing.

With so many folks today, in our fast-paced world, not taking the care and time for a balanced life, he guides us on achieving a better balance to enable greater health!

Since so much information is in the news, these days pertaining to lifestyle , vitamins and nutitional supplements, he bring a clear and professional perspective in answering these questions.

So, please tune in to your radio or to the World Wide Web on the Internet every Saturday morning and find inspiring and educational information which is so important to each of us.





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