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From the Desk of Dr. Stephen Wechsler

Hey Folks,

Spring Cleaning with Ayurvedic Herbs

Spring is on the horizon. The plants are coming up and the air is quite moist, whether cold or warm. This is Kapha Season, a time to cleanse the body and mind. Kapha has the qualities of growth, strength, and holding. We hold onto weight, feeling, things, and toxins.

Ama or toxins are created in the body from incomplete digestion and elimination of food. Emotions that are held in can also create these toxins. Windows have been shut all winter. Air has been recirculating in the furnace and we have been less active outdoors. Springtime is when we start to clean things out, to throw things away and to uncover the vitality and strength that is a natural part of spring.

Three products I suggest based on your body type: To find out your body type come in, fill out a questionnaire, and receive a brief mind/body type consult for $10 or a full consult outside of regular office hours for $50 (about 45minutes) and receive 15%off any products that day.

Triphala:Triphala literally means "three fruits" as it is composed of amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki, and is renowned as one of the most effective formulas for cleansing and rejuvenation. It possesses five of the six tastes (lacking "salty") and removes excesses of vata, pitta and kapha from the system, thus performing a broad spectrum of healing actions. Triphala promotes deep cleansing of the G.I. tract and is believed to thoroughly rejuvenate the bodily tissues. This traditional formula supports the proper functions of the digestive, circulatory, respiratory and genitourinary systems and is commonly taken as a daily supplement to help maintain balance of the doshas.

Liver Formula: Liver Formula is an excellent detoxifier and rejuvenative for the liver. Cooling herbs such as guduchi, musta and coriander pacify pitta in the liver, reducing the production of bile and acid in the body, and thereby reducing the risk of many associated liver disorders. Healthy digestion is also promoted, aiding in conditions of a sluggish or congested liver. Liver Formula may be beneficial for all individuals, as it helps reduce the toxic effects from food, alcohol, drugs, and environmental pollution. Those susceptible to more serious liver conditions or those with a previous history of infective liver diseases may benefit from the cleansing and strengthening action of this blend.

Para Cleanse: As the world seemingly gets smaller and smaller in this age of technology, international travel is becoming a normal experience for many Americans. Traveling abroad, especially to third world countries, oftentimes exposes us to unfamiliar parasites.

The resulting discomfort ranges from mild indigestion to debilitating nausea and diarrhea. However, if one is armed with proper herbal preventatives, the risk of playing host to these unwelcome visitors can be significantly decreased.

India, the motherland of Ayurveda, has an abundance of parasitic critters that seek homes in human hosts. And as many tourists can attest, they seem to have a penchant for setting up shop in the belly's of foreigners.

As if to maintain balance, nature has also bestowed upon India some of the most effective anti-parasitic herbs. Ayurveda has made use of them for centuries to treat everything from roundworms, pin worms and tapeworms to bacteria and amoebas.

Para Cleanse combines several of the most famous anti-parasitic herbs in a formula based on the traditional texts of Ayurveda.

Have a great Spring,

Dr. Steve

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