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Network Chiropractic

5208 S.Salina St.

Syracuse, New York, 13205



Welcome to Network Chiropractic!

Dr.Stephen Wechsler, D.C. has been teaching and practicing Holistic Health and Healing Arts for the past 15 years.

His studies have brought him around the world to gather a vast array of healing knowledge.

Nework Chiropractic refers to a network of independent chiropractic offices throughout the country, utilizing Network Spinal Analysis.

He utilizes a profound sequence of spinal evaluations and adjusting techniques. Dr. Wechsler utilizes a combination of techniques, including "low force" and manual adjustments to the spine.

This "systems" approach to the spine and nervous system has gained popularity with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Research has documented that increased flexiblilty, and an improved quality of life have been reported by individuals in Network Chiropractic offices.





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