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"Health Coach"

  Helping You to Take Charge of your Health.

Combining the Power of Knowledge with the Power of Nature.

Lifestyle Change Management.

Dr.Stephen Wechsler is a Holistic Health Coach, helping individuals to gain an understanding of the principles involved in order to achieve a more fullfilled and prosperous life.

Staff Education

45 minute lecture and/or 45 minute yoga class including:

Educate corporate staff to reduce stress

Allow them to experience stress reduction through movement and breathing

Familiarize staff with Holistic Concepts

Patient Seminars

2 hour class including:

Benefits of lifestyle changes

Nutrition, air, food, water

Herbs and supplements

Self-massage, relaxation/meditaion, movement and breathing

Alternative therapies, attitude of healing

Patient Workshops

1 hour workshop including:

Weight loss, menopause, yoga for everyone, seasonal health

Four Pillars-Sleep, digestion, Elimination, Mind

Attentive parenting, natural pregnancy and baby care

Individual Consultations

For individuals who have taken the seminar


Classes for pregnancy and/or classes for beginners

Balanced Beginnings

A program for developing brains in children up to three years old

Based on a system of how the brain develops, created by Robert Muller (former assistant secretary general)

Baby massage and other techniques of nurturing and discharge

You can contact Dr. Wechsler at his office for more information.

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